Showcase of the new Tineco lineup: The Tineco Switch S7, Floor One S7 Steam, Pure One Station, and Oveni One

Tineco unveils innovative new floor cleaning and kitchen appliances

CES 2024 has been a showcase of technological advancements, with Tineco, making waves with its new range of home appliances. These products are not just innovative but redefine the standards of home maintenance and convenience.

Tineco Switch S7: All-in-one home cleaning

The Tineco Switch S7 stands out with its all-in-one cleaning system. It transitions smoothly between vacuuming and mopping, making daily cleaning tasks more efficient. The Switch S7 combines a wet-dry stick vacuum, together with a separate dry stick vacuum. Both attachments work using the same motor, saving space and money.

Tineco also provides several attachments to clean all surfaces. These include a crevice tool and a mini power brush, in addition to the floor washer and stick vacuum.

Tineco Switch S7 Steam all-in-one stick and wet-dry vacuum cleaner

What’s more, the ZeroTangle brush and MHCBS system make the new Tineco Switch S7 easy to clean. The first is a specific brush that minimizes hair tangles. The second efficiently recycles dirty water with a reliable internal brush scraper. With these, the Tineco Switch S7 continuously washes and rinses the roller with fresh water at a constant 450 RPM.
The Tineco Floor One S7 Combo will be available in the second half of this year on Tineco’s online store and on Amazon.

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam: Steam cleaning and wet-dry vacuuming

The innovative Tineco Floor One S7 Steam cleans and disinfects floors using steam at 140°C. This high temperature is effective in melting away grease and stains. Additionally, its soft roller ensures floors are cleaned with fresh water, providing a thorough clean. The device also offers two distinct steam modes, tailored to tackle a variety of stubborn stains.

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam stick vacuum and steam cleaner

A key feature of this model is the MHCBS system. It skillfully recycles dirty water using a brush scraper, while consistently cleaning with fresh water at a rate of 450 times per minute, guaranteeing spotless floors.

The Floor One S7 Steam wet-dry vacuum cleaner will be launched in the latter half of this year and will be available on Tineco’s online store and Amazon.

Tineco Pure One Station: Self-cleaning and emptying stick vacuum

The Tineco Pure One Station is an innovative stick vacuum cleaner that focuses on minimizing maintenance and care. It cleans itself from the brush to the tubes and filters and also empties the dust into a dedicated bag, completely hands-free.

The ingeniously designed ZeroTangle brush avoids hair entanglement in the roller, while the PureCyclone technology segregates air from dust. This reduces clogging and maintains robust suction and power efficiency.

Tineco Pure One Station self-emptying stick vacuum

Moreover, Tineco offers the FurFree Kit grooming solution for pet owners. This attachment, available for separate purchase, caters to your furry friends’ grooming needs. It gently detangles and smooths pet hair without causing harm. Moreover, since the FurFree Kit is attached to the vacuum, it collects and removes the loose hair and dirt from your pet.

The Tineco Pure One Station is available for $799 on Tineco’s online store and on Amazon.

Tineco Oveni One: Smart and connected oven

Tineco is breaking new ground in kitchen technology with the Oveni One smart oven. This advanced oven is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen, simplifying the adjustment of settings. It also connects to a smart application that continuously updates with hundreds of recipes, and facilitates automatic maintenance and troubleshooting.

Tineco Oveni One smart oven

The versatile Oveni One offers a broad spectrum of culinary possibilities, from starters to desserts. Its air frying function adds an extra dimension to its multifunctional capabilities. Moreover, the oven boasts an intelligent temperature control algorithm, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of cooking.

The Oveni is set to be available by the end of the year on Tineco’s official website and Amazon.


What sets the Tineco Switch S7 apart from other cleaning appliances?

The Tineco Switch S7 is unique for its all-in-one system, smoothly transitioning between vacuuming and mopping, and its ability to use a single motor for both a wet-dry and a dry stick vacuum.

How does the Floor One S7 Steam enhance floor cleaning?

The Floor One S7 Steam uses steam at 140°C to clean and disinfect floors, efficiently removing grease and stains. It features a dual steam mode and a system that recycles dirty water for a consistent, thorough clean.

What are the key features of the Tineco Pure One Station?

The Tineco Pure One Station is a 4-in-1 cleaning marvel, offering self-cleaning, recharging, storage, and automatic dustbin emptying. It’s designed for hands-free maintenance and effective cleaning.

Is the Oveni One suitable for various cooking methods?

Yes, the Oveni One is versatile, suitable for a range of cooking methods including baking, air frying, and more, with a smart touchscreen and an app for recipe updates and maintenance.

When and where can I purchase these new Tineco products?

The Tineco Switch S7, Floor One S7 Steam, Pure One Station, and Oveni One will be available in the latter half of this year on Tineco’s online store and Amazon.

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