DreameBot X30 Ultra

New DreameBot X30 Ultra : Self-cleaning dock and robot

At CES 2024, Dreame introduced the DreameBot X30 Ultra, a new robot vacuum that eliminates the need for manual cleaning as whole. Indeed, the robot is designed to clean in hard-to-reach areas like corners and tight spaces. In addition, the Dreame X30 Ultra comes with new self-cleaning features.

Advanced cleaning performance

The DreameBot X30 Ultra aims at being one of the most powerful robot vacuums on the market. To achieve this, it boasts a powerful 8,300Pa suction, effective on both carpets and hard floors. It’s also complete with two rotating mop pads, featuring the Mop Extend technology. This allows the right mop pad to clean along baseboards. If needed, the DreameBot X30 Ultra can automatically detach its mop pads and leave them in the dock when vacuuming.

Like most other flagship robots, it comes with LiDAR navigation and an RGB camera for advanced obstacle detection and live video calling. The new DreameBot X30 Ultra also features the CleanGenius function, previously tested in the L20 Ultra. Thanks to this, it can automatically detect dirt levels and adapt its cleaning strategy using artificial intelligence.

A fully autonomous dock

To maximize its cleaning performance, the DreameBot X30 Ultra’s dock can use hot water to wash the mop pads, thanks to its two water tanks. When it’s done, it can then use hot air to dry the mop pads. These features help minimize bacteria levels and prevent mildew and odors.

Similarly, it can collect dust automatically into station’s built-in dust bag. Finally, thanks to a built-in tank, the dock can automatically add detergent when cleaning, making the DreameBot X30 Ultra fully autonomous.

A self-cleaning product

If the hassle of maintaining a dock has deterred you from owning a smart vacuum, the DreameBot X30 Ultra’s self-cleaning dock solves this issue, thanks to built-in squeegees that automatically clean and scrub dirt so you don’t have to.

In addition, Dreame has worked on an optional anti-tangle brush roller, which comes with three cutting heads to prevent hair from clogging it.

Price and Availability of the Dreame X30 Ultra Heat

The DreameBot X30 Ultra will launch in the coming months for $1,700. It can already be pre-ordered with a launch price of $1,241.


How does the robovac handle obstacle detection?

It comes equipped with LiDAR navigation and an RGB camera for advanced obstacle detection, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning process.

How does the self-cleaning dock work?

The self-cleaning dock of is designed to automatically clean and scrub the robot’s mop pads and other parts, reducing the need for manual maintenance.

How does DreameBot X30 Ultra wash and dry its mop pads?

The dock uses hot water to wash the mop pads, followed by hot air drying. This system effectively removes bacteria, prevents mildew, and eliminates odors, ensuring the mop pads are hygienic for each use.

Can the DreameBot X30 Ultra detach its mop pads automatically?

Yes, it can automatically detach its mop pads and leave them in the dock when switching from mopping to vacuuming, enhancing its versatility in cleaning different surfaces.

What is the purpose of the optional tricut brush in the DreameBot X30 Ultra?

The optional tricut brush is designed to prevent hair from tangling around the brush roller. It comes with three cutting heads that proactively cut hair, maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the vacuum.

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