Dreame H13 Pro wet-dry vacuum body and station

Dreame H13 Pro review: Hot water roller washing for better hygiene

The Dreame H13 Pro is the brand’s new wet-dry stick vacuum cleaner. It distinguishes itself from competing models, thanks to its hot water roller brush washing and hot air drying. These help minimize bad odors and bacterial proliferation.

With these innovative features, Dreame aims to take on Tineco and focus on improved hygiene. However, with an $800 price tag, it doesn’t come cheap. In this detailed review, let’s see how it holds up in everyday use, and whether its high price makes it truly better than the competition.

Dreame H13 Pro

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The Dreame H13 Pro wet-dry vacuum introduces hot water roller brush washing and hot air drying technologies, aimed at enhancing hygiene by reducing bacteria and odors. However, at $800, it is a premium choice, possibly justifiable for those prioritizing easy maintenance and advanced features over cost. Despite its price, the lack of app connectivity and difficulty cleaning under furniture could limit its appeal to a wider audience.

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Elegant yet sober design

The Dreame H13 Pro sports a refined appearance, featuring black plastics with grey accents. It has two large water tanks: a 900ml clean water tank at the back, and another one to collect used water at the front. The latter comes with a replaceable HEPA filter. However, there’s no filter to separate large debris from dirty water, and everything that’s vacuumed is mixed with soiled water. It also doesn’t have a dedicated detergent tank to automatically dispense it. Instead, you manually add some each time you refill the water tank.

The bottom part houses the roller brush, which can clean edges on both sides. Dreame has also integrated LEDs to illuminate dirt and vacuum it more precisely. A blade scrapes the dirt off the roller brush during the cleaning process, ensuring it stays clean throughout the cycle. Unlike most competing products, the H13 Pro features thick wheels instead of casters, increasing maneuverability.

The screen displays the battery level and the selected cleaning mode. Its edge changes colors to indicate the level of dirt, from green when the floors are slightly dirty, to orange or even red when floors are significantly soiled. It also indicates when to empty or refill the tanks, together with voice prompts.

Unfortunately, the H13 Pro doesn’t work with an app, and the only way to interact with the appliance is through the on-screen indications and the audio messages.

The charging station is compact and slightly raised, with a curved edge at the front. The latter matches the shape of the roller, preventing water splashes. It also washes the roller brush using 60ºC hot water and air.

Finally, build quality is excellent. The vacuum seems robust and uses quality materials. This is essential, considering it is likely to be bumped against furniture and baseboards throughout its lifespan.

Good cleaning performance

The Dreame H13 Pro comes with 18,000Pa suction and a high-speed 520 rpm roller. This allows it to efficiently vacuum dirt and liquids, while cleaning with fresh water.

You can choose from different cleaning modes: auto, turbo, ultra, and suction. The first automatically adjusts the parameters according to the dirt levels. The suction mode vacuums without washing, useful for spilled liquids. The other two offer stronger cleaning settings, but I’ve found the auto mode works best in most cases.

For most stains, the H13 Pro performs brilliantly. It vacuums dust and debris without flinching. It also cleans stains like soda, coffee, and even sauce. When they are fresh, a single pass is enough to remove them. For dry stains, it requires multiple passes, but manages to overcome them without much trouble.

Depending on the type of dirt, the floors can be slippery or sticky after just one pass, and it’s best to make several passes for perfect results. Also, it tends to leave streaks on the floors whether using cleaning solution or not, making multiple passes necessary.

Edge cleaning is effective, with the roller brush reaching along the baseboards. However, the front side doesn’t reach baseboards, resulting in a small uncleaned area, forcing you to vacuum from the side.

Also, it doesn’t sense when inadvertently vacuuming fabrics, like curtains, for instance. This means you have to be extra careful not leave anything lying around, as it would be otherwise vacuumed.

The H13 Pro is easy to maneuver, thanks to its motors and large wheels. However, the size of the brush head means it is still difficult to access some narrow areas, notably in bathrooms. Also, while it tilts up to about 150 degrees, it’s not able to lie flat and clean under bed frames, for example.

Decent noise levels and battery life

Dreame promises about 40 minutes of use on a single charge. This is consistent with our tests, with the auto mode offering about 40 minutes of cleaning with a full battery. The other modes are more energy-intensive and provide slightly less than half an hour of cleaning, which is still decent.

The H13 Pro isn’t particularly quiet, but remains comparable to other similar products. It’s not annoyingly loud, though, but don’t expect to be able to have a conversation, watch TV, or listen to music while vacuuming.

It’s also noticeably loud when drying the mop, with the fan noise being very noticeable. It doesn’t prevent having a conversation, but can be annoying when watching TV or working.

Easy maintenance

Combining vacuuming and floor washing, the Dreame H13 Pro greatly facilitates floor maintenance. Indeed, there is no need to vacuum and then use a bucket and manually wash a mop. Also, by washing and drying the roller brush at 60ºC, Dreame promises to minimize bacteria, mildew, and bad odors.

Once placed on the station, you can run a quick or thorough self-cleaning, by pressing the dedicated button once or twice. The H13 Pro doesn’t estimate the dirt levels to perform the self-cleaning, so you have to judge based on the cleaning session you have just completed. During the self-cleaning cycle, the brush rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise, allowing for a more in-depth cleaning. Even though it only takes a few minutes, the cleaning is loud, emitting even higher noise levels than when vacuuming.

Once the self-cleaning is done, the roller brush is automatically dried for 30 minutes, reducing mildew and bad odors. However, this process is noisier than other products, making it annoying if used in a living room. Indeed, it’s audible when watching TV, working, and even having a conversation.

Once the cycle is complete, you need to empty and rinse the dirty water tank, and let it dry before replacing it. Indeed, despite using hot water during cleaning, it also collects cold soiled water, in which bacteria multiply and emit bad odors.

Finally, it is important to remember to remove the roller brush once in a while to clean any hair, pet fur, and other dirt that may accumulate. Fortunately, this step only takes a few minutes and does not need to be performed too frequently, as hair and fur do not tend to tangle in the roller.

Is the Dreame H13 Pro the right wet-dry vacuum for you?

Deciding if the Dreame H13 Pro is the right wet-dry vacuum for you hinges on your priorities and budget. Its innovative features, such as the hot water cleaning and air-drying technology, are designed to enhance hygiene, making it a strong candidate for those who prioritize cleanliness and ease of maintenance. However, with its $800 price tag, it is a premium investment. If you are willing to pay extra for easier maintenance, the Dreame H13 Pro offers a compelling choice.

Otherwise, more affordable alternatives may be sufficient for your cleaning needs. In addition to Tineco cleaners, the upcoming Roborock Flexi might be a better option, considering it also comes with hot water roller washing, in addition to a more maneuverable body.

Hot water and air roller brush washingNo app
Cleaning performanceNoisy


What makes the Dreame H13 Pro different from other wet-dry vacuum cleaners?

The Dreame H13 Pro stands out thanks to its hot water roller brush washing and hot air drying technology. These features are designed to reduce bacterial growth and bad odors, enhancing the hygiene of the cleaning process compared to standard models.

How does the Dreame H13 Pro perform on different types of floors?

The Dreame H13 Pro performs well on various types of hard floors, both hardwood and tiles. It can efficiently handle both dry and wet messes and is particularly effective in removing stains. However, it’s not designed to clean carpets.

What maintenance does the Dreame H13 Pro require?

Maintenance for the Dreame H13 Pro involves emptying and rinsing the dirty water tank, occasionally cleaning the roller brush, and ensuring it dries properly to prevent odor and bacteria buildup. The vacuum includes an automatic brush cleaning and drying station, which simplifies the maintenance process but can be noisy.

Can the Dreame H13 Pro clean under furniture?

Due to its design, the Dreame H13 Pro has a limitation in reaching under low furniture. While it tilts up to 150 degrees, it cannot lie flat, which may restrict access under some beds or couches.

Does the Dreame H13 Pro have any smart features or app connectivity?

The Dreame H13 Pro does not support app connectivity. It relies on an onboard screen and audio prompts for its operation, which might be a downside for users looking for a more connected, smart home-compatible appliance.

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