DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat with its dock

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat: Affordable and complete cleaning

Dreame has unveiled a new vacuum cleaning robot in its range, the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat. It’s an evolution of the famous DreameBot L10s Ultra, with features. These include hot water mop washing and baseboard cleaning. It’s not as advanced as the DreameBot X30 Ultra and competes directly with the new Roborock Q Revo MaxV.

An evolution of the DreameBot L10s Ultra

The new robovac follows the design of the well-known DreameBot L10s Ultra, starting with some visual improvements. The base and the robot are very similar, but the brand has replaced the silver dustbin of the old model with a golden one, enhancing its high-end look. The top part of the LiDAR dome on the robot and the RGB camera’s border are now gold as well.

New advanced Features

Despite these minor visual changes, the brand has updated the robot’s and base’s features with innovative functionalities. The main improvements focus on the robot, including the MopExtend technology, first seen on the DreameBot L20 Ultra. This technology allows the right mop pad to extend and clean along baseboards and corners more effectively.

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat using its MopExtend mop pad to clean along the baseboard

The suction power has also been increased to 7,000Pa, making it effective on thick carpets and rugs, in addition to hard floors. The new robot features the CleanGenius function, previously seen on the L20 Ultra, enabling it to set its cleaning strategy and adapt automatically to the dirt level of the floors. It can decide if a second pass is necessary for thorough cleaning.

The device also has built-in a 0.8L water tank, which refills automatically during mop washing. The app allows water flow adjustment, which the device can now intelligently manage.

An advanced dock

The robot’s dock is also innovative, with features like hot water cleaning. This function heats the water to clean the mops, more effectively eliminating bacteria and odors. Hot air drying is also included to prevent mold growth.

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat dock's dust bag

Additionally, an optional water connection kit will be available, eliminating the need to fill the clean water tank or empty the dirty water tank. However, users will still need to empty the 2.5L dust bag once in a while.

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat dock's water tanks

The L10s Pro Ultra Heat now has a refillable detergent tank, avoiding the use of single-use cartridges. This change means it’s easier to use third-party products, which are often less expensive than the brand’s ones.

DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat dock's detergent tank

Moreover, Dreame has developed a new tricut brush roller, sold separately. It’s designed to prevent hair from tangling by proactively cutting it, ensuring smooth operation of the robot.

Price and Availability of the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat

The DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat will be available in Europe starting January 31 for EUR 1,000. It should be available in the US in March 2024.


What is unique about the baseboard cleaning feature of the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat?

The DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat features a unique MopExtend technology, which allows the right mop pad to extend and effectively clean along baseboards and corners, offering a more thorough cleaning experience.

How does the hot water cleaning and drying function work in the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat?

The robot’s docking station is equipped with a function that heats water to clean the mops, effectively removing bacteria and odors. It also includes a hot air drying feature to prevent mold growth in the mops.

Does the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat have obstacle detection technology?

Yes, the DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra Heat is equipped with advanced obstacle detection technology thanks to an RGB camera, allowing it to navigate around and avoid objects during its cleaning process.

What is the water draining kit feature?

An optional water connection kit is available, which automates the process of filling the clean water tank and emptying the dirty water tank, enhancing the ease of use and maintenance of the device.

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