About Us

At Smart Home Critic, we’re passionate about smart home products, especially the ones that make our families lives easier.

We founded Smart Home Critic to help readers get an honest an unbiased opinion about smart home products and pick the right product for them. We exclusively focus on household products, such as vacuum cleaners, smart lights, security systems, and cameras.

We’re a global team of reviewers, based in New York and Paris, helping people get a better grasp of smart home products for their homes and families.

Kyle Lakewood

Based in New York, Kyle combines his passion for smart home products with a commitment to honest, unbiased reviews. As the founder of Smart Home Critic, he guides readers in choosing the right products for their needs. Living with his partner and dog, Kyle brings a personal touch to his work, involving his whole family in the review process to ensure each product is thoroughly tested and family-approved.

Melanie Besson

Based in Paris, Melanie, is a thirty-something single mother. She expertly balances her full-time job with the joys and challenges of raising a young boy. Passionate about cooking with her family, she creates delicious dishes that often leave a cheerful mess. Her enthusiasm for smart home products shines as she continuously tests new appliances, especially in the kitchen, focusing on their functionality and affordability to streamline her busy life.