Roborock Flexi Pro reaching under furniture

Roborock Flexi: Wet-dry vacuums to reach under furniture

At CES 2024, Roborock showcased a range of new products. This included its flagship robot vacuum cleaner, the S8 MaxV Ultra, and a fully autonomous mid-range line, Q Revo. Additionally, the brand introduced two lightweight, flexibly designed vacuum mop sticks, the Roborock Flexi Lite and Flexi Pro. These models can vacuum dirt and mop floors simultaneously, making floor maintenance easier.

Innovative design

Roborock isn’t new to the vacuum mop stick market. It already markets the Dyad series, competing with Tineco’s wet-dry vacuums. Despite impressive performance, the Dyad series faces criticism for its weight and bulkiness. To address these concerns, Roborock announced a lighter, more flexible range. This ensures easier cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

Roborock Flexi Pro reaching under bed with LED light

The new Roborock Flexi series features a unique flat-lying design. This allows it to clean under beds, sofas, and other furniture. The Flexi lineup is light, with the Lite version weighing 4 kg, while the Pro model is just over 5 kg.

Thorough cleaning

Despite their compact size, the Roborock Flexi vacuums don’t compromise on cleaning effectiveness. They offer a suction power of 17,000Pa. They also automatically adjust power based on detected dirt on the floors. Both models can self-clean and dry using hot air at 50 or 55 ºC, depending on the model. The Pro version can wash its brush roller with 60 ºC hot water, providing better hygiene.

Roborock Flexi Pro cleaning messes

Both versions come with clean and dirty water tanks. The RoborockFlexi Lite has capacities of 620 and 400 ml, respectively, and the Flexi Pro has 730 and 450 ml tanks.

Roborock Flexi Pro double edge cleaning

The Flexi Lite has a brush that cleans along baseboards on one side. In contrast, the Flexi Pro offers double-edge cleaning. The Pro model also includes an LED to better spot dirt and is compatible with the Roborock app. This app offers customization and setting options. Additionally, the Flexi Pro is equipped with SlideTech wheels for smoother pushing movements.

Battery life

The Roborock Flexi Lite offers a 40-minute run time, while the Flexi Pro can run for 50 minutes.

Price and Availability of the Roborock Flexi

The Roborock Flexi Lite and Roborock Flexi Pro will be available starting May 2024. Prices are yet to be confirmed.


What makes the Roborock Flexi series unique in the vacuum market?

Both models are unique as they are the only flexibly designed wet-dry vacuum mop sticks on the market. Their innovative design allows them to reach under furniture easily, making them stand out in their category.

How do the Roborock Flexi models clean their brush roller?

The Flexi Pro model notably uses hot water, up to 60 ºC, to wash its brush roller, providing enhanced hygiene. Both models feature self-cleaning and drying using hot air at 50 or 55 ºC, ensuring the mopping pads are effectively sanitized after use.

What are the differences between the Flexi Lite and Flexi Pro models?

The Flexi Lite has single-edge cleaning and smaller water tanks, while the Flexi Pro offers double-edge cleaning, larger tanks, an LED for spotting dirt, app compatibility for customization, and SlideTech wheels for smoother movements.

Can the Roborock Flexi models work as regular stick vacuums?

Both models are wet-dry vacuums, which means they vacuum and mop at the same time. However, they’re not meant to replace regular stick vacuums, especially since they don’t come with smaller attachments to clean other surfaces.

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