Roborock Flexi Pro review: Flat-lying design for maximal cleaning

The Roborock Flexi Pro is the brand’s newest and most innovative wet-dry stick vacuum cleaner. It can tackle both liquid and solid messes with ease, almost wherever you want. Indeed, it stands out from the competition thanks to its ability to lie completely flat. This makes it ideal for cleaning under furniture, such as beds or couches, where other wet-dry vacuums can’t reach.

Coupled with app connectivity, it offers a range of features aimed at improving user convenience and cleaning efficiency. At $500, it’s smartly priced. It’s more affordable compared to competing products like the Dreame H13 Pro and Tineco Floor ONE Stretch S6.

Roborock Flexi Pro

Cleaning performance
Battery life
Value for money
Design & build quality


The Roborock Flexi Pro is a versatile wet-dry vacuum cleaner that excels at cleaning both liquid and solid messes. Its ability to lie flat makes it perfect for reaching under furniture. Priced at $500, it offers good value compared to competitors. Key features include app connectivity, motorized wheels, a small display for battery life and cleaning modes, and a self-cleaning cycle.

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Simple yet practical design

The Roborock Flexi Pro sports a sleek, white design that is both modern and practical. The vacuum includes two water tanks: a 730ml clean water tank and a 450ml dirty water tank. Although vacuumed debris is mixed with dirty water, the built-in filter makes it easy to separate when emptying. Sadly, there’s no dedicated cleaning solution dispenser. This means you have to mix it manually when refilling the clean water tank.

At the bottom, the cleaning head houses the roller brush and built-in LED light. It can reach edges and corners effectively from both sides. Unfortunately, the front side does not reach all the way to the wall. This means you have to use the sides to clean along baseboards. The Flexi Pro also features motorized wheels, making it easier to maneuver, despite its heavy 5kg weight.

In addition, it’s also able to lie completely flat. This makes it particularly useful for cleaning under low furniture like beds and sofas. Lastly, the vacuum features a small screen that displays battery life and cleaning modes, enhancing user interaction.

As for the the dock, it’s relatively discreet albeit a bit thick. A small part at the back remains uncovered, taking up a bit more space. This is due to the built-in heating modules to provide hot water and hot air to wash the roller.

Impressive cleaning performance

With a suction power of 17,000Pa, the Flexi Pro handles various types of stains and debris effectively. It cleans up spills like soda, coffee, and sauce well. It sometimes requires a second pass for tougher or dried stains, though. Unlike the Roborock Dyad Pro, it uses a single brush roller, which means it’s not as effective when it comes to scrubbing, prioritizing practicality.

The vacuum offers three cleaning modes: Auto, Eco, and Max, depending on the dirt you’re trying to clean up. The first one can automatically adjust the suction power, and there’s usually no need to manually change the mode. Although it comes with a headlight, it’s particularly useful to locate dust. However, it does help if you’re vacuuming under furniture.

While the vacuum generally doesn’t leave streaks, using too much detergent can result in streaking, so it’s best to use the recommended amount. The motorized wheels enhance maneuverability, though the vacuum’s 5kg weight is still noticeable during use.

The Flexi Pro washes the roller brush using hot water, and then dries it with hot air. The air-drying process lasts for 30 minutes by default. Using the app, you can change the setting to 60 or 90 minutes. These features help minimize bad odors and bacterial growth, ensuring a hygienic cleaning experience.

An app to customize your cleaning experience

One of the standout features of the Roborock Flexi Pro is its app connectivity. Through the app, you can adjust various settings such as wheel speed, suction force, water levels, and roller speed. The app also lets you remotely start a self-cleaning cycle, as well as set cleaning and drying schedules.

The app interface is very intuitive, making it easy to adjust the various functions according to your preferences. Additionally, the Flexi Pro comes with voice prompts and on-screen indicators for maintenance needs.

Acceptable noise levels and battery life

The Flexi Pro is relatively quiet compared to similar products, producing 70 to 75 decibels. While you might not be able to have a conversation, watch TV or listen to music while it is operating, this noise level is manageable.

However, the roller drying is particularly noisy, producing about 60db. Thankfully, you can adjust the settings and schedule it when you’re not home to minimize disturbances.

The battery life is impressive, offering up to 50 minutes of cleaning time, which is sufficient for most cleaning sessions. This makes the Flexi Pro a reliable choice for both quick cleanups and more extensive cleaning tasks.

Effortless maintenance and care

Maintenance of the Flexi Pro is straightforward. Indeed, the vacuum features a self-cleaning cycle for the roller brush, which is initiated automatically after placing it on the dock. It uses hot water to minimize bacteria, as well as hot air to prevent mildew and bad odors.

The dirty water tank needs to be emptied regularly to prevent bad odors, as only the brush roller is washed with hot water. The roller brush is also easy to remove for cleaning, allowing you to remove hair and debris that may accumulate.

Is the Roborock Flexi Pro the right wet-dry vacuum for you?

The Roborock Flexi Pro is a strong contender in the wet-dry vacuum market, offering advanced features such as hot water roller brush washing, hot air-drying, and app connectivity. Most importantly, its ability to lie flat and clean under furniture, combined with its attractive price, make it a versatile and practical choice for any household.

If you prioritize innovative cleaning technology and ease of use at a reasonable price, the Roborock Flexi Pro is a worthy investment. Its robust build quality, effective cleaning performance, and user-friendly app make it a standout option among wet-dry vacuum cleaners.

Hot water and air roller brush washingNoisy roller drying
Flexible bodyNo detergent dispenser
Cleaning performance
Connected app
Smartly priced


What makes the Roborock Flexi Pro different from other wet-dry vacuums?

The Roborock Flexi Pro stands out due to its ability to lie completely flat, allowing it to clean under low furniture. It also features hot water roller brush washing, hot air drying, and app connectivity for customized cleaning.

Does the Roborock Flexi Pro leave streaks?

Generally, it does not leave streaks if you use the recommended amount of detergent. Using too much detergent can result in streaking.

Can I use any cleaning solution with the Roborock Flexi Pro?

No, it’s best to use the Roborock / OMO cleaning solution. Sadly, it’s both expensive and not included in the package. Otherwise, you can use a mild cleaning solution that doesn’t foam.

What are the differences between the Roborock Flexi Pro and Flexi Light

The Flexi Pro comes with more features compared to the Flexi Light, offering a more advanced cleaning experience. These include larger water tanks, app connectivity, motorized wheels, and a front headlight. In addition, the Flexi Pro uses hot water and hot air to wash and dry the roller.

Can the Roborock Flexi Pro clean carpets?

No, the Roborock Flexi Pro isn’t designed to clean rugs. It can be used on thin carpets, but this isn’t recommended.

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