Roborock Q Revo MaxV charging on its dock

Roborock Qrevo MaxV review: Precise cleaning and reasonable price

The Roborock Qrevo MaxV was announced at the beginning of the month at CES, as the brand’s new sub-flagship. It comes with the latest cleaning innovations, such as hot water washing, baseboard cleaning, and AI obstacle detection. However, despite featuring some of the newest tech, it comes at a relatively reasonable price, costing $1,200.

In this review, let’s see how it compares to less affordable models, the value-for-money it brings, and whether it’s worth your bucks. The Roborock Qrevo MaxV should be available globally in March 2024.

Roborock Qrevo MaxV

Vacuuming efficiency
Mopping efficiency
Obstacle avoidance
Battery life
Value for money
Design & build quality


The Roborock Qrevo MaxV offers advanced cleaning options for a competitive price, offering excellent value-for-money. It comes with hot water washing, AI obstacle detection, and baseboard cleaning, together with a very comprehensive app. Its remarkable cleaning performance, combined with easy maintenance and quiet operation, make it an ideal choice for families and pet owners.

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Basic but effective design

The Qrevo MaxV looks very similar to the first Qrevo, featuring a vertical and fully autonomous station. The dock comes with two large water tanks, accessible from the top. The clean water one has a 4L capacity, while the other can collect up to 3.5L. There’s also a 2.7L dust bag, housed behind a removable panel at the front of the station. The design is basic and only available in white, and doesn’t necessarily integrate elegantly in an interior, but remains relatively discreet. In terms of size, the dock is relatively compact and narrow, measuring 340 x 487 x 512 mm.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV charging on its dock

As for the robot, it comes in a standard circular shape and measures 350 x 353 x 102 mm. Despite its sub-flagship positioning, it’s well-equipped and boasts plenty of features. For instance, it uses both LiDAR technology and an AI RGB camera for navigation and obstacle detection. In addition, it comes with two rotating mop pads, and can extend one of them to clean alongside baseboards. To vacuum, it uses a single bristleless brush roller, together with a side brush and a HEPA filter.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum

As for the build quality, Roborock clearly differentiates its products. This means the Qrevo MaxV feels less sturdy and durable than the manufacturer’s other flagships products. It’s not bad per se, but the plastics aren’t the same quality and as solid as what the S8 Pro Ultra offers, for example. This is true of the dock, particularly the panels and water tanks, but also the robot, which has a somewhat loose bumping board. Thankfully, that’s not really an issue on a daily basis, but although it’s cheaper than some other models, the Qrevo MaxV still costs more than a grand and could have use better quality materials.

Supercharged and intuitive app

The Roborock app is one of the most comprehensive ones I’ve used. With the Qrevo MaxV, Roborock has even redesigned it to make it better looking and more intuitive.

During the setup process, the robot creates a map of your home. It uses its LiDAR and RGB camera to intelligently partition rooms and even identify furniture. The map is accurate and the robot does a good job at identifying room limits to separate them. The furniture recognition isn’t precise and is more of a gimmick, as it doesn’t bring much to the overall experience.

Once the map is generated, the app lets you edit rooms, create virtual and no-go zones, adjust the floor surface, and edit the furniture. What’s more, the Qrevo MaxV can save up to four maps and automatically position itself.

The Roborock app also lets you finely adjust the cleaning settings. You can not only control the suction power and mop dampness, but also the cleaning sequences. These settings can also be different from one room to the other. This way, the robot can clean the kitchen more throughly than some other rooms, for example.

The settings offer a great depth and breadth of customization and adjustments. As such, you can ask the robot to clean along the floor direction and automatically re-mop dirty areas. Similarly, the robot can either avoid carpets, lift the mops to avoid wetting them, or clean them with water. The dock offers many customization options, including the mop washing water temperature, the drying duration, and the washing frequency. There’s also an option for off-peak charging, helping save a few bucks on charging.

Since the robot comes with an onboard camera, the latter can also be used for surveillance. You can move the robot remotely and see a live feed of your home, and even use two-way audio, which is useful to watch over your pet.

The Roborock Qrevo MaxV can also be controlled using Google Assistant, Alexa, and its built-in voice assistant, Hello Rocky. It’s conveninent if you don’t have smart speakers at home, but I’ve found it doesn’t understand complex commands, such as cleaning two rooms. Worse, it often activated inadvertently, while I was talking to people.

Excellent vacuuming results

The Qrevo MaxV comes with a strong 7,000 Pa suction power, perfect to vacuum hard floors and carpets. It does a great job at sucking up dirt, dust and small particles and leave the floors impressively clean. Its side brush sweeps along the baseboards, ensuring a complete coverage area.

I’ve put it to the test after a walk with my dog in muddy areas, who happily covered the floors with dust and sand. Thankfully, the Qrevo MaxV cleaned it up effectively, both on hardwood floors and tiles. It can also reach into grouts well, ensuring there’s no dirt trapped in between tiles.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV cleaning a carpet

On carpets, the robot can automatically boost its suction power and clean them thoroughly. What’s more, it reaches deep into rugs to make sure trapped dirt gets cleaned up. Of course, a double brush roller would have been even more efficient, I’ve found the overall vacuuming results to be excellent.

Great mopping efficiency

The Qrevo MaxV uses two rotating and liftable mop pads to clean the floors. The dock washes them with hot water before and after each cleaning cycle, providing better cleaning results. It also refills the robot’s built-in water tank, which allows it to constantly humidify the mop pads while cleaning. In addition, the robot can return to the dock to wash its mop pads at a preset frequency, ensuring the mop pads remain clean. The robot also lifts its mop pads when moving, ensuring it doesn’t uselessly wet areas it’s not cleaning. Similarly, it can automatically lift its brush roller when mopping, preventing it from floating uselessly over the floor.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV underside showing the mop pads and bristeless brush roller

In real life, the results are impressive. The Qrevo MaxV efficiently mops the floors, and its extensible mop pad reaches the baseboards, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning. The FlexiArm Design is convincing when it comes to cleaning corners, as the robot moves around them and extends the mop to clean thoroughly.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV FlexiArm Design extensible mop pad cleaning along the baseboards

The cleaning results are particularly good, with the Qrevo removing most stains, including tough ones like dried coffee and sauce. During my tests, I’ve put a small amount of detergent in the water tank, as there’s not dedicated tank or cartridge. This, combined with the hot water, helped remove stains and dirt. The toughest ones weren’t always removed during the first pass. However, the robot uses AI and its camera to detect hard to clean areas and automatically re-mops them for best cleaning results. If I were nitpicking, I’d argue the VibraRise mop provides slightly better results, as it usually needs a single pass to remove most stains, but at much higher price point.

Flawless navigation & obstacle avoidance

The Qrevo MaxV comes with both LiDAR and obstacle recognition, which help it navigate from room to room reliably. It’s never gotten lost or stuck during my tests, and always managed to reach the right rooms and go back to its dock.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV Reactive AI camera

Similarly, the built-in AI camera allows it to detect and recognize obstacles, efficiently navigating around them. The robot can even take a picture and plot it on the map, allowing you to see uncleaned areas.

I’ve deliberately left cables, shoes, and toys on the floor, but the Qrevo MaxV managed to detect and avoid all of them. This is a major improvement compared to Roborock’s latest models, which didn’t have cameras and often couldn’t “see” cables.

Impressively silent and decent battery life

With its strong 7,000Pa suction power, I expected the Qrevo MaxV to be relatively loud. To my surprise, it’s one of the quietest robot vacuum’s I’ve tested. Regardless of the mode, the noise level is impressively low, and I could work, watch TV, or have a conversation. I have to slightly nuance this, as I found the mop lifting mechanism to make a sharp mechanical noise. Thankfully, this isn’t annoying and only lasts a fraction of a second, but I initially wondered if something was wrong with the robot.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum

The self-emptying process is relatively loud, but can be turned off during do not disturb hours. Similarly, the robot can intelligently manage its emptying frequency and doesn’t have to do it after each cycle to avoid nuisances.

As for the battery life, Roborock promises up to 180 minutes of run time. This is quite accurate, as the robot cleaned about 70 square meters during 94 minutes, and used up about half of its battery. Depending on the dirt levels and cleaning settings, it can clean up to 300 square meters on a single charge. In any case, it can automatically return to the dock to recharge and resume work when its battery is refilled.

Easy maintenance

The Qrevo MaxV comes with a bristleless brush roller, which prevents hair tangles. To clean it, you just have to remove the brush roller and remove hair and dirt from the sides about once a week.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV dock with its water tanks

As for the dock, it uses hot water and hot air to wash and dry the mops. This limits bacteria, mildew, and bad odors, while cleaning them more efficiently. However, unlike more expensive Roborock models, the Qrevo MaxV doesn’t come with a dedicated mop cleaning brush, and uses a washboard with plastic pimples to scrub the mop. This means it’s still a good idea to machine wash it once or twice a month, as it doesn’t clean the pads deeply.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV removable washboard

To finish, the washboard itself is removable almost entirely, making it much easier to scrub and clean in the sink. Unfortunately, Roborock doesn’t even provide a brush to make this easier for users. As for the frequency, it’s best to do this once every two weeks or every week, as it tends to get pretty dirty quickly.

Is the Roborock Qrevo MaxV the right robovac for you?

The Roborock Qrevo MaxV offers great value-for-money. It comes with a robust feature set, including hot water mopping, AI-driven obstacle avoidance, and a very comprehensive app. Its overall performance is excellent, with effective vacuuming and mopping capabilities that make it a worthy investment.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV cleaning a carpet

It’s an excellent purchase for those looking to enhance their home cleaning routine with a fully autonomous robot vacuum. It’s perfectly suitable for families with pets or children. It detects and avoids obstacles and it’s easy to clean by preventing hair tangles around the brush roller.

Sideview of the Roborock Q Revo MaxV dock and robot vacuum

If you’re looking for one of the best robot vacuums but prefer not to pay more than $1,500, this robot is the one for you. If you’re on a budget, you should consider the Qrevo Pro, which we’ll review soon. It comes with very similar features but without AI obstacle detection and the built-in voice assistant, and costs $1,000.

Cleaning performanceBasic design / No color options
App featuresAverage build quality
Quiet operationNo automatic detergent dispensing
Advanced functionality (hot water, baseboard cleaning)


Can the Qrevo MaxV navigate and clean efficiently around obstacles?

Yes, thanks to its LiDAR technology and AI RGB camera, the Qrevo MaxV excels in navigation and obstacle avoidance. It can reliably navigate through rooms and avoid obstacles like toys and shoes.

Is the Roborock Qrevo MaxV loud?

Despite its strong suction power, the Qrevo MaxV operates quietly, making it suitable for use without disturbing your daily activities.

Does the Qrevo MaxV offer good value for money?

Given its advanced cleaning technologies, strong performance, and comprehensive app features, the Qrevo MaxV presents excellent value for its price. It competes well with more expensive models, offering a compelling mix of innovation and efficiency.

Does the Qrevo MaxV use hot water for cleaning?

Yes, the Qrevo MaxV uses hot water to wash its mops, which helps remove stubborn, and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Can the Qrevo MaxV clean along the walls and corners?

Yes, the Qrevo MaxV’s FlexiArm Design cleans along baseboards and corners. It uses an extendable mop pad to reach and clean these often-neglected areas thoroughly.

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