DreameBot X30 Ultra robotic vacuum cleaning in its docking station, showing the AI RGB camera

Dreame X30 Ultra review: Hassle-free cleaning?

The new Dreame X30 Ultra aims to merge excellent cleaning performance with limited care, making for an almost maintenance-free experience. It features the latest innovations in automated cleaning, such as hot water mop washing, mop extension, and camera-based obstacle detection. In addition, it introduces a new innovation compared to the Dreame L30 Ultra it comes with a self-cleaning base station, as well as automatic mop detachment, a refillable detergent tank, and AI-driven cleaning options. These make it seem like one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

Are these enough to justify its $1,700 price tag? Let’s find out in this detailed review.

Dreame X30 Ultra

Vacuuming efficiency
Mopping efficiency
Obstacle avoidance
Battery life
Value for money
Design & build quality


The Dreame X30 Ultra boasts powerful cleaning, self-emptying, and hot water mopping, but at a hefty $1,700 price tag. While innovative features like mop extend and tangle-free brush promise convenience, AI cleaning quirks and occasional manual needs might hold you back. Consider your budget and desire for automation before diving into this high-tech clean.

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Elegance meets innovation

The Dreame X30 Ultra’s design blends aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Its docking station, a stylish amalgamation of sleek black and gold accents, not only serves as a visual statement but also houses some of the most advanced cleaning technology available today. This includes a self-cleaning base station capable of washing mop pads with hot water and drying them with hot air, ensuring a high level of hygiene and convenience. To do so, it uses two water tanks, located at the top of the dock, and concealed under a liftable cover. Dreame has also innovated with a new washboard, that comes with two scrubbers that wipe it automatically.

The robot itself shows Dreame’s attention to detail, despite a matte black finish that’s very prone to fingerprints. It comes with an RGB AI camera for obstacle detection, surrounded by LED fill lights for better visibility when it’s dark. It uses two two rotating mop pads to clean, as well as a single bristleless brush-roller. Dreame also sells an optional Tricut brush roller, that’s designed to cut hair and prevent tangles.

DreameBot X30 Ultra top view

The overall build quality of both the robot and the dock are excellent. They feature premium plastics and materials and feel durable. The water tanks and other accessories are also sturdy, and shouldn’t break easily during daily use.

Smart and easy-to-use app

The Dreame X30 Ultra is operated using an intuitive app that facilitates setup and offers personalized cleaning plans. The robot’s initial mapping process is designed to create an accurate layout of your home, automatically identifying and segmenting rooms. The robot can save and position itself using up to four different maps, which is handy if you have multiple floors. The app also allows for extensive customization, including the creation of virtual barriers and specific cleaning zones and settings.

With the X30 Ultra’s CleanGenius modes, the robot automatically adjusts suction power and mop dampness. In addition, it automatically decides to clean a second time or wash its mop pads again, depending on the dirt levels. Should you prefer to have control, you can of course adjust these settings manually, including the suction power and mop dampness. Similarly, you can define a personalized cleaning sequence, or ask the robot to vacuum the house before mopping it, instead of doing it at the same time. When it comes to carpets, you have full control over the robots behavior. As such, you decide whether it should lift its mop pads, ignore the carpet, or detach the mop pads in the dock and fully clean the carpet.

Unlike other flagships, the Dreame X30 Ultra doesn’t feature a built-in voice assistant, but is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It also connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi, and isn’t compatible with Matter.

Excellent cleaning performance, with awkward obstacle detection

The Dreame X30 Ultra’s performance is characterized by its strong 8,300Pa suction power and innovative MopExtend system. Vacuuming results are excellent, both on hard floors and carpets, despite the use of a single brush roller. The robot is able to capture dirt from the floor, and can successfully clean corners.

DreameBot X30 Ultra underside showing the bristleless brush roller and mop pads

Its mopping efficiency is also remarkable, thanks to hot water mop washing and automatic detergent addition. It’s able to get rid of hard stains easily, but can’t scrub floors as efficiently as Roborock’s flagships, preventing it from removing dried debris.

The MopExtend feature allows the mop pad to extend and clean the linings and baseboards. The robot can automatically decide how often to do this, unless you prefer that it extends the mop pads during each cleaning cycle.

DreameBot X30 Ultra MopExtend mop pad

While the Dreame X30 Ultra boasts AI-powered cleaning, its execution falls short on efficiency. The robot frequently triggers unnecessary second passes, consuming extra time, water, and cleaning solution. This stems from its room-based approach, treating entire spaces as dirty instead of pinpointing specific areas for focused cleaning.

On the navigation front, the X30 delivers satisfactory results, almost never getting lost or stuck. However, its obstacle detection presents some quirks. The robot builds an initial obstacle map but fails to update it during cleaning, leading to amusing scenarios. It might ignore a previously detected obstacle like your pet that moved away or stubbornly bump into a newly placed object.

DreameBot X30 Ultra robot vacuum top view

The robot’s noise level remains moderate, allowing you to work or relax undisturbed. The impressive battery life, lasting up to 180 minutes, covers around 120 square meters in a single go. Even if the battery dips, the robot returns to its dock, recharges, and picks up where it left off.

Low-maintenance with a touch of manual care

Forget about constant refills and tangled messes – the Dreame X30 Ultra promises a low-maintenance cleaning experience. Its spacious docking station boasts large 4L and 4.5L water tanks and an oversized dust bag, meaning you can practically forget about them for extended periods. Plus, the robot eliminates the hassle of manual detergent refills with its built-in tank, truly automating the process.

Maintaining the robot itself is a breeze too. Forget fiddling with brushes – the bristleless design minimizes hair tangles, requiring only a monthly cleanup (more often with furry friends). Taking it up a notch, the optional TriCut brush pre-cuts hair before it tangles, promising even less maintenance, though we weren’t able to test it yet

The docking station pampers your mops too, using hot water and hot air to thoroughly clean and dry them, preventing odors and mildew. However, a slight snag appears here: the washboard isn’t as effective as a dedicated brush, leaving mop pads needing an occasional machine wash after a few weeks.

The X30 even tries to eliminate manual washboard cleaning with scrubbers designed to flush away dirt. Unfortunately, they only partially succeed, leaving some areas requiring your trusty hand. While not unique to the X30, it’s a missed opportunity given Dreame’s self-cleaning claim.

DreameBot X30 Ultra top view showing the dust bin and HEPA filter

Overall, the X30 Ultra delivers a significant leap in convenience compared to traditional robot vacuums. While not entirely hands-free, it minimizes manual intervention, making cleaning a truly effortless experience for most users. Just remember, even low-maintenance wonders sometimes need a little TLC.

Is the Dreame X30 Ultra the right robovac for your home?

The Dreame X30 Ultra promises a near-futuristic cleaning experience, packed with features designed to minimize your involvement. Its self-cleaning base, automatic mop detachment, and refillable detergent tank scream convenience. In addition, its powerful suction and hot water mop washing deliver impressive cleaning results. Plus, the optional TriCut brush promises tangle-free operation, further reducing maintenance chores.

However, beneath the veneer of automation lie some glitches. The AI-driven cleaning occasionally triggers unnecessary second passes, wasting time and resources. Furthermore, the obstacle detection system, while decent, fails to adapt to changes in real-time, leading to frustrating encounters.

Ultimately, the Dreame X30 Ultra sits at a crossroads. At $1,700, it’s a premium investment, demanding justification beyond its innovative features. If you prioritize cutting-edge technology, performance, and design, it could be the ultimate cleaning companion, if you have the budget. But for those seeking a truly hands-off experience, the self-cleaning promises aren’t quite watertight, and the occasional need for manual intervention might temper expectations. Weigh your desire for automation, budget limitations, and tolerance for minor quirks before diving into this high-tech clean.

Powerful suction & hot water mop washingAI cleaning can be wasteful
Innovative featuresObstacle detection misses
Smart app control & low-maintenanceNot entirely hands-free


What makes the Dreame X30 Ultra low maintenance?

The robot’s self-cleaning base station and oversized water tanks significantly reduce the need for manual intervention. The optional TriCut brush prevents hair tangles, and the docking station cleans and dries mop pads using hot water and air, making maintenance easier than traditional robot vacuums.

Are there any limitations to the Dreame X30 Ultra’s AI-driven cleaning?

While the robot boasts AI-powered cleaning for automatic adjustments in suction power and mop dampness, it may trigger unnecessary second passes, which can waste time and resources. Its room-based cleaning approach might not always pinpoint specific dirty areas, leading to less efficient cleaning in some cases.

How does the obstacle detection system work on the Dreame X30 Ultra?

The robot uses an RGB AI camera for obstacle detection, creating an initial map of obstacles. However, it may not update this map in real-time, which can lead to it either ignoring moved obstacles or bumping into new ones, suggesting room for improvement in its navigation capabilities.

Is the Dreame X30 Ultra effective on carpets?

Yes, and it can automatically increase suction power on carpets and can detach or lift its mop pads to prevent wetting the carpet.

How efficient is the Dreame X30 Ultra at mopping?

The mopping results are very good, thanks to hot water mop washing and detergent addition. This effectively removes tough and dried stains. The extendable mop pads also ensure thorough cleaning along edges.

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