Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum and its dock

DreameBot L30 Ultra review: Complete and autonomous cleaning

Robot vacuums have evolved from simply being able to clean to fully autonomous products that can vacuum and mop the floors and even clean themselves. The DreameBot L30 Ultra is at the pinnacle of innovation, featuring some of the latest and most advanced technology for a robot vacuum.

The L30 Ultra packs the latest cleaning tech and can automatically extend its mops to clean alongside baseboards. Its AI RGB camera can identify obstacles and dirt, for a complete and hassle-free cleaning experience. What’s more, it can detach its mop pads autonomously, allowing it to vacuuming without wetting carpets.

DreameBot L30 Ultra

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The Dreamebot L30 Ultra is an innovative robot vacuum cleaner. It comes with its superior vacuuming and mopping capabilities, featuring strong suction power, hot water washing, and mop extension. It requires minimal maintenance thanks to its large water tanks, and is easy to use. Ideal for large homes, the DreameBot L30 Ultra offers efficient cleaning with little human intervention, but its high price of $1,700 and bulky station may not be suitable for those on a budget or with limited space.

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A stylish design

The DreameBot L30 Ultra comes with one of the biggest docks on the market, measuring 606.5 x 426 x 499mm. Despite its massive size, it has a stylish and refined design, especially since it’s only available in black. The front panel is covered with vertical stripes, combining perfectly with golden accents.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum and its dock

The dock houses two oversized water tanks, with capacities of approximately 4L, allowing for minimal human intervention. These are located at the top of the robot and hidden under a liftable cover, with the detergent cartridge and brush between the two. The dust bag is located on the front, concealed behind a removable cover, together with space to fit a replacement bag.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra dock showing its water tanks and detergent cartridge

As for the robot, it features LiDAR navigation, together with an AI RGB camera and structured light for obstacle recognition. It also comes with built-in LED lights to “see” at night and detect obstacles more efficiency. The dust bin and HEPA filter are located under the removable and magnetized top panel for quicker access.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum showing its LiDAR dome and AI camera

To vacuum the floors, the L30 Ultra uses a single rubber bristeless brush roller and a side brush. This design is easier to maintain and avoids hair tangles. As for the mop, the robot comes with and two rotating and liftable pads. The one on the right can even automatically extend, allowing it to clean along baseboards.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum underside showing the mop pads and bristleless brush roller

The build quality is excellent, with both the robot and the base station feeling and looking durable. This is also true of the accessories, such as the mop pads and water tanks, ensuring they withstand several cleaning cycles.

A feature-rich app

To control the robot, you can use Alexa, Google Assistant, and the DreameHome app. In addition, a built-in voice assistant lets you control the robot orally, without having to use smart speakers or your smartphone. The dock and robot also come with quick access buttons, giving you plenty of options to start a cleaning cycle.

When used for the first time, the robot creates a map of your home and automatically separates rooms from each other. Using its RGB camera and AI, the robot is able to distinguish furniture and place it on the map. Similarly, it intelligently names rooms based on its findings.

You can then edit rooms and set no-go and no-mop zones. Similarly, you can change the furniture, add carpets, and even adjust the floor type. More importantly, the L30 Ultra can save up to four maps and automatically position itself and know which one to use.

The app offers various cleaning options, including AI-driven ones called CleanGenius. Both Daily and Ultimate modes automatically tailor settings like suction and mopping. You have the freedom to manually adjust these settings, including different preferences for each room. The robot can also vacuum and mop simultaneously or sequentially for optimal cleaning.

You can also adjust cleaning settings according to your preferences using the app. These include adjusting the mop washing frequency, whether to clean dirty areas again, baseboard cleaning, and much more. Similarly, the robot can automatically remove its mop pads and leave them in the dock when vacuuming carpets, or simply lift them.

The app shows the robot’s location in real time, together with its cleaning path and stats abouts the current cycle. This lets you see where it’s been and how long it’s cleaned for. In addition, the app shows obstacles on the map, together with a picture taken from the robot, letting you see avoided areas. The camera also serves as a real-time surveillance tool, with an encrypted video feed.

Excellent vacuuming performance

The DreameBot L30 Ultra comes with a strong suction power of 7,300Pa and a liftable bristeless brush roller. During my tests, it’s been able to remove dirt and dust effectively from grouts and hard floors. Its also does a great job at cleaning under furniture and beds, ensuring there’s no settled dust.

On carpets, it automatically boosts its suction and vacuums very well, even on thick rugs. A dual brush roller would have been even more efficient, but I’ve been very satisfied with the overall results on carpets.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum cleaning over tiles

When using CleanGenius, the robovac detects dirt and even generates a map of dirty areas. You can set it to clean a second time automatically, send a notification with the map and let you decide, or only clean once.

I’ve found the robot often wants to clean areas again, despite having managed to get rid of dirt in a single pass. More surprisingly, the robot tends to clean an entire room again, instead of focusing exclusively on dirty areas. Overall, the cleaning results are excellent, but take more time due to the second pass.

Remarkable mopping results

The L30 Ultra uses hot water to wash its mop pads and automatically adds detergent, using the provided cartridge. In addition, the station refills the robot’s built-in water tank when washing the mops, allowing the robot to continuously dampen its mop pads while cleaning.

This process has a visible effect on the mopping efficiency, as the L30 Ultra can get rid of hard stains, even dry ones. In addition, the extendable mop pads can clean corners and baseboards efficiently, ensuring there’s no area left uncleaned.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra dock showing the detached mop pads

The robot can automatically determine how often to extend its pads, adapting its strategy wisely. You can adjust this in the settings, and force the pads to be extended all the time. However, when extending the mop, there’s a small area in between the two pads that remains uncleaned. Thankfully, the robot can clean it during the second pass, making sure the entire area is cleaned.

When dealing with carpets, the robot either avoids them entirely, lifts its mops, or leaves the pads in the dock. The settings allow you to pick whichever option works best for you, according to your needs and your carpet’s thickness.

Good navigation and obstacle avoidance

The L30 Ultra navigates around your home with ease. It can locate itself and automatically recognize which map to use. It easily climbs over small obstacles and thresholds measuring less than 2cm, ensuring it moves reliably from room to room. During my tests, I’ve been able to send it to clean specific rooms and spots with ease. I’ve also placed it randomly in different areas and floors, with it managing to position itself without issues.

Picture of the DreameBot L30 Ultra robot vacuum showing its AI camera

To avoid obstacles, the DreameBot L30 Ultra uses an RGB camera and structured light. It also comes with LED lights to illuminate its path in the dark, ensuring it properly detects obstacles. Overall, it’s able to properly sense and avoid obstacles, such as shoes, slippers, and cables. It plots them on the map and also posts a picture for you to review.

However, I’ve noticed the L30 Ultra generally opts for a cautious approach, often resulting in a slight uncleaned area around objects. On the contrary, it does not successfully navigate around rug fringes, leading to situations where it vacuums them and consequently gets entangled.

Quiet Operation and Superior Battery Life

The L30 Ultra operates at a comfortably low noise level, and I’ve been able to watch TV and place calls during its operation. While its maximum suction power generates a bit more noise, it’s still acceptable to work or even have a live conversation.

The robot’s battery lasts for up to 180 minutes when vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. In quiet mode, it delivers up to 260 minutes of vacuum-only cleaning. While this is enough to clean most homes, it’s essential to keep in mind the robot tends to clean some areas twice. In these cases, if the battery runs low, the L30 Ultra automatically returns to its station to recharge and resumes cleaning when it’s refilled.

Minimal maintenance for optimized hygiene

With its oversized water tanks and dust bag, the DreameBot L30 Ultra requires little intervention to refill and empty them. I’ve been able to clean about 185 square meters with a full clean water tank, without having to empty the waste tank, I’ve found particularly impressive.

As mentioned above, the mop pads are washed before and after each cycle with hot water. The dock uses a plastic washboard with plastic beads to remove dirt from the pads, and then dries them with hot air. Using a combination of hot water and air ensures a more hygienic cleaning, limiting the spread of bacteria, mildew, and odors. Despite this, I still recommend machine washing the pads twice a month to make sure they’re clean.

Cleaning the dock is seamless, not only thanks to the removable washboard, but also the station’s cleaning process. By pressing and holding the home button, the dock fills itself with water, waits a few seconds for you to clean it, and then drains it. This makes the overall cleaning process seamless, despite some dirt accumulating over a few weeks.

Finally, the robovac itself is easy to maintain. The brush is designed to avoid hair getting wrapped around it, only needing to remove them from the sides once in a while. The HEPA filter itself can be washed under clear water, which also simplifies maintenance.

Is the DreameBot L30 Ultra the right robovac for you?

The Dreamebot L30 Ultra is one of the most innovative robot vacuum cleaners around, featuring unique features. It offers excellent vacuuming and mopping results, thanks to strong suction power, hot water washing, and mop extension. It also comes with efficient navigation and good obstacle avoidance, making it a reliable companion, despite some occasional mishaps.

Using it is simple, thanks to the user-friendly and customizable app, as well as its built-in voice assistant. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain and care for, requiring minimal intervention. Its large water tanks make this even more seamless, as refilling and emptying them doesn’t need to happen often.

If you live in a large house or apartment and want efficient cleaning with minimal human intervention, the DreameBot L30 Ultra is a great option to consider. However, it costs $1,700, making it a hard sell if you’re on a budget. Also, it’s important to consider its bulk, as the station is particularly large, and takes up a lot of space.


Can the DreameBot L30 Ultra vacuum and mop at the same time?

Yes, the L30 Ultra is capable of vacuuming and mopping simultaneously, offering efficient and comprehensive cleaning.

Is the DreameBot L30 Ultra effective on carpets?

Absolutely. It automatically increases suction power on carpets and can detach or lift its mop pads to prevent wetting the carpet.

How efficient is the mopping feature of the DreameBot L30 Ultra, especially in removing stains?

The mopping is highly efficient, using hot water and detergent to effectively remove tough stains. Its extendable mop pads also ensure thorough cleaning along edges.

Is maintenance of the DreameBot L30 Ultra complex?

No, it’s designed for easy maintenance. Its self-cleaning dock handles mop pad washing, and other components like the dust bag and water tanks are easily accessible.

Does the DreameBot L30 Ultra Have Obstacle Detection?

Yes, it uses an RGB camera and structured light to identify and navigate around obstacles like shoes, toys, and cables.

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